Clovis Christian Athletics Mission

Clovis Christian Athletics exists to provide a competitive, Christ-centered sports program that challenges each student spiritually, physically, and mentally, by teaching life principles that will help the student become a productive and responsible young adult.

From the Desk of the Athletic Director

Our athletic programs seek to teach every student-athlete the discipline required to build Christian character, develop a sense of community, and foster excellence in education, teamwork, and leadership. Winning is of great importance to any athletic event; however, to sacrifice Christ-like qualities to win a physical victory achieves nothing. We understand that there are two victories to be had: the spiritual and the physical. Developing an athlete who has integrity and loves God is always our primary focus. The physical victory follows, its meaning made valid through the spiritual victory. Athletic programs provide the opportunity for students to develop physical skills and abilities, to work toward goals with other members of a team, and to express and promote Christian values and attitudes in a competitive atmosphere. Through participation in athletics, and with your parent / guardian commitment, we can develop in our student-athletes positive biblical qualities of responsibility, cooperation, respect, dedication, leadership and discipline. Colossians 3:23 tells us that we are to do all as unto the Lord rather than men. Athletics is an opportunity to practice the principles of God’s word, such as subjecting oneself to authority, keeping a commitment, working together as members of the body of Christ, and controlling the emotions that arise in competition. Together, we can encourage and give student athletes tools they can use to perform to the best of their God given abilities!

Kris Oneida

Athletic Director

Athletic Boosters

The purpose of the Athletics Warrior Club is to support and promote student-athletes and athletics at Clovis Christian Schools, and exists to lift up Clovis Christian’s mission as an Athletics Program. That mission is to provide a competitive, Christ-centered sports program that challenges each student spiritually, physically, and mentally, by teaching life principles that will help each student become a productive and responsible young adult.


Currently, the Warrior Club supports, but is not limited to, the following, as we are a program continuing to grow:

  • Assisting with Fall, Winter, and Spring sports scheduling and programs, including coaching, assisting, fundraising, set up and tear down, etc
  • Providing funding for many recurring sports needs: equipment purchases, field improvements, gym rental fees, etc, just to name a few
  • Sponsorship of student-athletes in need

Tax-deductible financial support is vital to the success of any Athletics Program, but there are many additional ways to support as a Warrior Club member, some of those are listed below:

  • Financial support is tax deductible and all donations given to the sports program remain within the sports program
  • Student sponsorship
  • Volunteering as a coach or assistant
  • Assisting with fundraisers: Helping with setup or tear down, or during the event itself, or by providing items for auctions or baked goods, etc

Clovis Christian Sports Programs

P.A.L. Program

Empowering Future Champions: PAL, your partner in youth sports development, is committed to fostering a healthy and fun environment where every young athlete can thrive.

5th-8th Grade Boys and Girls:

  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country (High School Only)
  • Soccer
  • Basketball


  • Permission Slips
  • 2.0 or better

CIF League 9th-12th Grade

We are dedicated to building champions both on and off the field. The CIF League empowers student-athletes through rigorous training, promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and resilience, to prepare you for the challenges of competitive sports and life beyond.

6th-12th Grade Boys and Girls:

Fall Sports

  • Girls Volleyball
  • Cross Country (High School Only)
  • 8 Man Football

Winter Sports

  • Basketball (boys & girls)

Spring Sports

  • Boys Golf
  • Track & Field


  • Permission Slips
  • 2.0 or better

CCS has a Parochial Athletic League that competes against other Christian charter schools.

Sports Related Forms

In order for students to participate in CCS sports, parents and students must understand our code of conduct as well as partifcipation expectations. Please download, sign, and return each of the forms below.